Digital Processing Solutions

Digital Imaging and

Printing Solution

Scanteq's proven hardware and software solution for digital imaging and printing allows a fast development of office automation products used for documents and check scanning and processing, magnetic codeline recognition, lottery tickets reading, banknotes verification and ink-jet printing on paper items. We supply non only the electronic board and the software and firmware driving it, but also the technical support and design assistance during the development of the new product.

Complex Digital

Control Solution

Our solution, implemented as a digital electronic board, can be effectively used in a wide variety of industrial equipment requiring high computing power, embedded hardware and firmware and analog and digital interfaces. It can be used to design real-time controlled applications, for example: Direct Torque or Space Vector motor control drives, power converters and complex industrial control systems. We supply the electronic board with the device drivers for the peripherals and support during development.

Industrial Automation

and Machine Vision

We have realized a lot of projects allowing the clients to transform their plants in “Factories of the future” using our hardware and software solutions which add computer controlled automation, components tracking and complex in-line tests during production. To further improve the manufacturing processes we involve advanced solutions for machine vision and implement automatic inspection, quality assurance, parts sorting, material handling and robots guidance.


Scanteq delivered its Complex Digital Control Solution to Politecnico di Torino - Italy

Our Complex Digital Control Solution was selected by the "Dipartimento Energia" of "Politecnico di Torino" as the electronic board used to control the power electronics converters which are a part of a system developed for a research aimed to study the charging of electric cars batteries without a physical connection. Instead of the classic power cable the new solution involves wireless energy transfer and implements AC-DC and high frequency DC-AC converters. This project was financed with European funds and is part of an international project in partnership with research institutes and universities.


Scanteq offers cutting edge technologies and customer specific hardware and software solutions in various fields involving image acquisition, ink-jet and thermal printing, digital control, industrial automation and artificial vision. Our aim is to easy our clients design efforts during all the phases of a new product or system development, allowing them to remain focused in their core business activities and therefore to increase drastically the success rate. 


Scanteq's strategy for development is based on its continuous update and constant adoption of new technologies and identification of the new opportunities that appear constantly in the market. This strategy implies a close and strong partnership with our customers which will benefit from Scanteq's cutting-edge technologies, enabling them to add value in their new products and to achieve optimal results in a very cost effective manner.