Digital Processing Solutions

Algorithms Development

During the development of its products involving documents imaging and application-specific vision systems Scanteq acquired a strong experience in developing sophisticated algorithms for image compression and 1D/2D pattern recognition. 

Some of these algorithms use standard methods but others gave our scientists the opportunity to express their competences in complex mathematics by developing new technologies.

These techniques allowed our software engineers to write proprietary code for fast and accurate algorithms with applications in:

Image Enhancement:
Spatial and Spectral Filtering, De-skewing
Image Compression:
Image Elaboration:
Mirroring, Rotation, Cropping, Interpolation, Binarization, Edge Detection, Smoothing, Sharpening, Frequency Domain Filtering
Image Pattern Recognition:
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR, known also as Handwritten Recognition), Shape Recognition
Waveform Pattern Recognition:
Characters printed with magnetic ink on checks (CMC7 and E13B standards)
Characters registered on magnetic cards tracks