Digital Processing Solutions

Hardware Design

Scanteq’s reach experience in electronics allows us to design innovative boards and reduce the time-to-market by using our already consolidated technologies or by new developments. The clients will benefit from our vast experience in embedded systems which ranges from electronic board hardware design to firmware and device drivers development and testing.

Our background is based on a broad range of projects, from simple systems with low cost microprocessors to DSP or ARM driven embedded boards controlled by Operating Systems. Another solutions we have developed include sophisticated image acquisition and ink-jet or thermal printing systems interfaced with personal computers through the USB bus.

Apart from the electronic board design we will follow-up the development throughout the whole testing process to ensure that the client’s new product will be optimized in terms of performance and reliability.

Scanteq provides electronic boards design services including:

   analog circuits design

  digital circuits design

  power electronics design

  schematics and layout design

  board starting-up, testing and validation

Our particular strengths lie in:

Intel 80x86, 80x51, Atmel AVR, Zilog Z80, Microchip PIC, Cypress FX2, NXP and Samsung ARM
Digital Signal Processors:
Texas Instruments TMS 320C549, TMS 320C5410, TMS 320C6711, Analog Devices ADSP 21020, ADSP 21062 
Interfaces, Buses, Protocols:
I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, RS485, Proprietary Serial and Parallel 
PC Buses:
ISA, PCI, Serial RS232, Parallel, USB 2.0 
Digital Circuits:
Design using VHDL programming of Altera PLDs and FPGAs (MAX, ACEX and CYCLON), Xilinx PFGA (Spartan 6)
Analog Circuits:
Design followed by verification through PSpice Simulation
Power Circuits:
Switching Suppliers, DC Motors Drivers, Step Motors Drivers, Brushless Motors Drivers
Image Acquisition:
Contact Image Sensors (CIS), Area and Line Scan Cameras
Inkjet Printing:
Hewlett Packard Cartridges: HP51629, HP51645, HP51604, HP6602
Thermal Printing:
Seiko and Shec Thermal Heads
Development Environments: 
Cadence OrCAD Capture, Layout, PCB Editor and PSpice, Altera Quartus II, Altera Max+Plus II