Digital Processing Solutions


We make your products more competitive!

In the difficult market conditions we live today the clients demand not only high quality products that fully match their specifications, but they pay a lot of attention to the manufacturing prices. Having a team of technicians with experience of more than fifteen years in the development of cost sensitive office equipment such as scanners and printers, Scanteq is the right partner in designing innovative products that cost as low as possible.

Our approach consists in analyzing the adopted solutions periodically during the new product development in order to be sure the we adopted the best solutions, not only from technological point of view, but also from those regarding the production cost. Then, when the product design ends, we offer to the clients our expertise and purpose a network of low cost manufacturers located in the Far East or Eastern Europe which are able to further reduce the production costs and obtain considerable advantages over competitors in the global market. These companies are Stanteq’s long time and reliable partners which not only offer the best prices, but always meet western quality standards.

Our support during the outsourcing phase of the production consists in

   finding the most suitable and reliable partners in the Far East or Eastern Europe

  managing through our local people the quotations in order to obtaining the cheapest production prices at the highest quality

  production start-up using trusted procedures and quality assurance techniques

  follow-up during manufacturing